Fantastic Fungi on Netflix

Fantastic Fungi

Back in Burning Man 2019 when the world was counted as pre-pandemic normal,  MAPS hosted a one week conference in in the EntheoGeneration camp within the dust of the BRC Playa. Many of the psychedelics enthusiasts and researchers gathered together to learn about the new clinical discoveries under MAPS Phase II MDMA trial as well as the psychedelic psychotherapy best practices.

Within the speakers, the self-taught renowned mycologist Paul Stamets speech received the largest turnout, with about 200 people standing outside the huge dome, listening to Paul talking about magic mushrooms, mushrooms and bees, his microdosing blend formulation known as Paul Stamets microdosing TEK, and indeed, the debut of the movie Fantastic Fungi directed by Louis Schwartzberg ! The consciousness shifting movie’s first premiere screening happened on the Thursday of Burning Man week in the Black Rock City.


The Fantastic Fungi movie features Paul Stamets talking about his connection with the earth and his stuttering experience from childhood that was treated by mushrooms. He introduces how the mycelium network is the largest living organism in the world that acts as a communication network between trees and other plants. Mushrooms have the responsibility of decaying things and decomposing them back to the nature and transporting them underground between other living organisms where they are needed the most.

The Fantastic Fungi movie visuals and cinematography fascinates you as you watch how beautifully mushroom fruits blossom out of nothing, their gills break and spores spread infinitely to the air. This is must-watch movie for anyone to learn about the magic of fungi kingdom and their critical role and contribution to the ecological cycle.

The movie went to the theatres in fall 2019 and was premiered before the closure of the theatre rooms due to Covid. As magic mushrooms and their therapeutic benefits is going to the mainstream, the movie has become available on Netflix as of August 3rd. Deepak Chopra speaks to Louis Schwartzberg about how we process consciousness through our receptors as part of the Fantastic Fungi Global Summit and how meditation and psychedelics contribute to our processing power enhancement.

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