Meet Your New Therapist: Treating Depression with Magic Mushrooms

“I got a wider perspective, I stepped back. It helped me appreciate that the world is a big place that there’s a lot more going on than just the minor things that were going on in my head.” Patient 17

2020 seems to be a pivotal point in the trajectory of humankind. While the world waits for COVID-19 to diminish, we are dwelling on new and forward-thinking ideas like universal basic income and mass remote work. Similarly, scientists and therapists alike are waking up to the unprecedented therapeutic effects of psychedelic mushrooms.

Treating Depression by SHAFAA Magic Mushrooms

With over 264 million people suffering from depression globally, researchers have been desperate to discover a more effective treatment method than pharmaceutical synthetic drugs. In 2016, researchers from Imperial College in London tested how magic mushrooms impacted patients with severe treatment-resistant depression.Depression is counted as treatment-resistant, when patients have tried a minimum of five different types of medications or psychotherapy, with no positive effect on their mental illness.

During the study, the patients received two doses of psilocybin (the psychoactive component in magic mushrooms). A mini-dose to make sure there were no negative side effects and a macro-dose to allow the patients to experience the full effect of the active materials of the so-called ‘shrooms’. Both sessions were accompanied by a therapist, there to help them process the magnitude of the experience. Prior to their psychedelic experiences, these patients had suffered from depression for an average of 18 years, with some barely remembering what life was like before the illness. But, for the patients, the effects of the psychedelic mushrooms were truly remarkable.

After their psychedelic experiences, some patients said that they suddenly felt reconnected to the world around them, whilst others confessed that old passions became new hobbies. A reinvigorated thirst for life seemed to reappear. In addition to this, 60% of the sample reached clinical remission — meaning that their depression was clinically cured. This rate of clinical remission is unprecedented in modern psychiatry and highlights the powerful healing properties of ‘champignon magique’. These magic mushrooms gave the patients a deep sense of healing (shafaa), hope, gratitude, connection to themselves and the nature, and a new-found meaning to their lives.

Your curiosity regarding the therapeutic potential of magic mushrooms may have understandably been piqued, leading you to wonder how magic mushroom works on your body and where to buy magic mushrooms safely? Psilocybin molecules, the active components of magic mushrooms, is similar to serotonin molecules, produced in your body as the hormones that stabilizes your mood, feeling of well-being and happiness. When ingested, psilocybin breaks into psilocin and is absorbed to the 5-HT-2A receptors of your brain cells.


Psilacetin, Psilocybin, Psilocin and Seretonin Molecules

In Canada, the Magic Mushroom Premium Brand SHAFAA® (means healing in Farsi and Arabic), with a top-notch team of conscious and grassroots scientists, growers and entrepreneurs, has focused on promoting the therapeutic and transformational use of psychedelic mushrooms by bringing it to mainstream market. In a creative and responsible approach, SHAFAA® has introduced its fully natural line of products through their online dispensary ( with two remarkable distinctions: a) Emphasis on educating the consumers about the necessary protocols of using psychedelic mushrooms, b) quantification of every serving piece of their products into small equal doses and embedding that into their branding to ensure harm reductions.

For example, SHAFAA® magic chocolates, gummies and fruit snacks are all fully natural, quantified and presented in 0.5 g of active magic mushrooms pieces. For a mini-dose, they offer the Elevate dosing level products, with 1.0 g of active magic mushrooms which contain 2 pieces of 0.5 grams. For a so-called museum dose, they have introduced the Heal dosing level with 4 pieces. Same for Teleport and Dissolve dosing levels, with respectively 3 and 5 grams of active shrooms in their various range of their infused products. SHAFAA® states that their dose-based branding is a representative of the modalities experienced under these doses.

shafaa magic mushroom all macrodoses

As microdosing is getting more traction among the community of brain hackers and those who want their mental wellness and mood transformed, more products are observed in the market that offers a micro regimen of 75 to 125 mg of dried mushrooms per serving. This sub-perceptional non-psychoactive level of consuming magic mushrooms helps to improve the cognitive abilities, mood, memory, and concentration. SHAFAA® as a psychedelic CPG sector leader has launched four products in this domain, including Evolve Prime CapsulesEvolve Cognition CapsulesEvolve Microdosing Tincture and Evolve Microdosing Gummies.

shafaa magic mushroom all microdose

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