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Looking to experience a new level of consciousness? Try our magic mushrooms, available for purchase in Toronto. These high-quality shrooms are perfect for spiritual growth and exploring your inner self. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to transform your mind. Order now!

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Magic Mushroom Dispensary Toronto

Toronto is a hub for medicinal and recreational psychedelics, home to Canada’s first psychedelic therapy center. Residents can easily find magic mushrooms online at Toronto dispensaries. The city is also experiencing a revival in psychedelic art and fashion, including music band Possum and its headquarters, The Oscillitarium.

Toronto offers a variety of psychedelic-friendly activities to enjoy with your magic mushrooms. Visit Sunnyside Beach on Lake Ontario or try clubbing with music. The city also hosts top recreational events and has various psychedelic communities available through meetups both online and in-person.

At Shafaa, magic mushrooms are available in different varieties in Toronto, Ottawa, and Hamilton in Ontario. You can buy various types of shrooms in Ontario including edibles and chocolate bars online throughout the province.
Toronto’s top-selling magic mushroom products include Albino, Malabar, Texas Yellow Cap, Blue Meaine, Golden Teacher, and Penis Envy.
Magic Mushrooms Toronto
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Frequently Asked Questions

Magic mushrooms are banned in Toronto, Canada, classified as controlled substances under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act since 2000. They are only allowed with proper authorization and a prescription.

In 2018, the Canadian government approved psychedelic therapy for those with terminal illnesses, allowing individuals with cancer, AIDS, or life-threatening diseases to legally take the drugs to improve their quality of life. The laws surrounding psychedelics have evolved over time and continue to change.

Shrooms can be purchased in Toronto from a number of dispensaries and online stores. Shafaa sells 100% organic, potent, and unique magic mushrooms with discreet delivery all over Canada.

Magic mushrooms can range anywhere from $50-$100 per ounce.

Yes, there are many legal and safe alternatives to magic mushrooms, such as therapy, meditation, and exercise. It’s important to seek the advice of a medical professional before trying any new substance or activity.

Yes. Please fill out our Reseller Application in detail and our sales team will contact you within 24 hours.

We mailorder our products to every city in Canada.