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Taking Magic Mushrooms in Kamloops

Situated at the meeting point of north and south Thompson river in Thompson valley, Kamloops is the second largest city in BC interior offering a variety of psychedelic-friendly activities such as golfing, hiking, skiing, fishing and much more. Kamloops is a year-round destination which makes it an ideal destination for an unforgettable psychedelic adventure. This region’s rolling hills, hoodoos, and sprawling canyons can be explored by hiking and mountain biking while taking magic mushrooms.

Intention Matters When Taking Magic Mushrooms in Kamloops

Emotional triggers or anxiety might occur during a mushroom experience. This is where you can benefit from having a strong intention to help you in getting back to your centre when unpredictable situations come forth.

If you’re aiming for a rewarding psychedelic adventure, this scenic region offers a wealth of natural attractions and a rich cultural heritage that will enhance the quality of your shrooming experience.

The Main Highlights of Kamloops include:

  • Nature and Landscapes
  • Outdoor Adventures

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Outdoor Activities to Enjoy While Taking Magic Mushrooms in Kamloops

If Kamloops is your pick for your upcoming mushroom journey make sure to pay a visit to Riverside Park which is the most popular green space within the city. This park is located right on the banks of the Thompson River and just a few minutes away from downtown Kamloops.

A list of short walking options around this mesmerizing trail route has been listed below:

  • Option 1: From Riverside to Pioneer Park – Start along the waterfront, go east and pass by the Japanese Gardens, pickleball courts, and tennis courts and enjoy seeing lots of public art along the trail.
  • Option 2: From McArthur Island – You can find the trail by crossing the street from the parking lot near the McArthur Island Sports Centre. It is possible to walk two different loops around McArthur Island. A nicer view can be seen from the longer loop, which passes behind a golf course.
  • Option 3: From Aviation way – A great place to walk in autumn is Aviation Way, where you can see the trees covered in gold and red leaves. Start the Rivers Trail west from the end of Aviation Way near the airport. There are also sandbars visible here during the spring and fall when the river is low.

Winter Activities: Hit the Slopes at Sun Peaks while Shrooming

If you’re planning for your psychedelic adventure in Kamloops during the winter time, one of the main activities you cannot miss is skiing at Sun Peaks resort. Located about 45 minutes from Kamloops.

There are three mountains at Sun Peaks surrounding a ski-through village with quaint shops, cafes, and eateries. The winter activities at Sun Peaks are interesting both on and off the slopes, as well as chilling out and experiencing a peaceful magic mushroom experience. One way or another, it’s your call anyway. 

Some of the summer activities to enjoy while psychedelic travelling in Kamloops includes golfing and riding cowboy-style.

Mushroom Dispensary in Kamloops

If you’re traveling to Kamloops with plans to take magic mushrooms, you want to know where to find a trusted dispensary. You can buy shrooms at local stores, but ordering your shrooms from online dispensaries that are verified and trusted can be more convenient as doing so can save you a lot of time and energy. is a reputable, decentralized and online magic mushroom dispensary offering a variety of magic mushrooms that you can be explored and purchased here.

What Can You Expect From a Magic Mushroom Journey in Kamloops?

Overall, exploring new places and engaging in activities that nourish our bodies and feed our curiosity is a great way to rip the maximum benefits from a psychedelic experience.

As the “Friendliest City in B.C.”, Kamloops offers a warm welcoming atmosphere, but it’s also blessed with over 2,000 hours of sunshine each year, making it an ideal destination for psychedelic explorers.
Exploring the artistic and cultural scene of Kamloops can add numerous benefits to your psychedelic experience.  

However, to ensure a rewarding journey beyond time and space it is highly recommended to do a check-in with yourself to see where you are on an emotional and mental levels before embarking on the journey.

If you have uncertainties about the direction to take, well… you can always let your intuition guide you towards making the right decision.

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