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At SHAFAA, we provide premium quality psilocybin mushrooms in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, ensuring an unparalleled experience for our customers. Our product range includes organic Psilocybe magic mushrooms, as well as micro-dose products, mushroom capsules, whole mushrooms, and other exceptional psilocybin products.

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Where to Buy Magic Mushrooms in Mississauga?

Currently there are no physical magic mushroom stores in Mississauga so you might be wondering what is the best way to source your magic mushrooms. Buying your shrooms online has never been easier. You can now order your magic mushrooms without any extra effort according to your desired outcomes from online dispensaries that are verified and trusted. is a reputable, decentralized and online magic mushroom dispensary offering a variety of magic mushroom products that can be explored and purchased

What Can You Get Out of a Magic Mushroom Experience?

The depth of each individual’s psychedelic journey differs from another. That’s why outcomes are not predictable and not the same. Overall, engaging in new activities such as psychedelic travelling to new destinations can feed our curiosity and open our perception to new understandings. This can be the minimum takeaway from a magic mushroom journey.

If further questions about magic mushrooms are still in your mind you can refer to the other blog posts we have available on our website.

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What makes purchasing magic mushrooms from SHAFAA in Ottawa the right choice?

A vibrant art scene, historic villages, recreational parks, and shopping malls are among Mississauga’s top destinations that you can visit while taking magic mushrooms. With historical villages and scenic trails around the city, there is something to discover for every individual in this abundant city. Below we have listed some options worth exploring:

  • Kariya Garden (Japanese-inspired)
  • Riverwood Conservancy
  • Erindale Park (the largest park in Mississauga)
  • Lakefront Promenade
  • Rattray Marsh Conservation Area
  • Silver Birch Loop Trail (popular area for birding, hiking, and running. *Keep in mind that bicycles are not allowed*)

The Safety of Psychedelic Traveling

Different bodies react to Psilocybin (the hallucinogenic compound in magic mushrooms) differently. That’s why the only way to understand your true capacity with magic mushrooms will be by diving into the experience and finding out the answer for yourself.

But to ensure your safety you can always start with a microdose and build on that. You can explore among the different microdosing blends that we are offering.

Is it Illegal to Use Magic Mushrooms in Mississauga?

Like in most British Columbia cities, consuming shrooms is permitted in the same areas where cannabis smoking is permitted. But you should always stay cautious when taking magic mushrooms inside the city.

We mailorder our products to every city in Canada.