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We offer Ottawa and the Valley region with an extensive range of fresh, distinctive and delicious magic mushroom varieties. Our inspiration comes from the wild, and we utilize diverse cultivation methods to grow and forage seasonally. Along with providing fresh mushrooms, we also provide grow kits, supplies and workshops to educate the community and promote accessibility to edible fungi.

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Why Choose Ottawa as a Destination for Your Psychedelic Travelling?

Ottawa is remarkably clean and green, with large trees, parks and beaches along the three major rivers and historic canal that define the City and region. As well, the Gatineau hills are visible just across the Ottawa River, offering a protected natural setting for your psychedelic experience with magic mushrooms within the city.

Other activities to enjoy while shrooming in Ottawa include cruising along the Ottawa River, or boating in Rideau Canal which turns into the world’s largest skating rink during the winter – it’s fair to say that Ottawa is one of the greatest destinations you can choose for a memorable magic mushroom experience.

Exploring & Buying Shrooms In Ottawa

Whether you are interested in the art scene, culture, history, outdoor recreation, or all of the above, Ottawa offers a little something to every visitor. If you wish to explore the city at your own pace while tripping on magic mushrooms we recommend you pin your starting point and wander off around the city while allowing surprises to unreveal by themselves.

Year-round Festivals Take Place in Ottawa

Ottawa has a lively musical scene throughout the whole year that’s why it is regarded as one of the great cultural hubs of North America. If you enjoy music and big crowds when taking magic mushrooms, you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the festive vibes of this city. Below we have listed some of the best picks for you:

  • Winterlude (3-20 Feb)
  • Tulip Festival (12-22 May)
  • Ottawa Fringe Festival (8-18 June)
  • Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival (22-25 June)
  • Canada Dance Festival (2-16 July)

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Buying Magic Mushrooms in Ottawa

If you have chosen Ottawa as your destination for psychedelic travelling, first question that you’d seek answer for is where can you source the best quality of magic mushrooms?

Canada’s capital city has joined the psychedelic renaissance after welcoming its third magic mushroom dispensary. Magic Mush opened Nov. 1 on Bank Street between Gladstone Avenue and Somerset Street.

However buying from online dispensaries might be more convenient if don’t want to invest your time in going out searching for specific locations that you may not be familiar with. Ordering your desired strain of magic mushrooms through online dispensaries that are verified and trusted has never been easier.

SHAFAA is one of the most reputable and oldest mushroom brands serving Canadian psychedelic explorers. SHAFAA offers a variety of different magic mushroom strains in form of capsule stacks, gummies, chocolate bar and whole-dried magic mushrooms.

Is It Safe to Take Magic Mushrooms While Traveling?

Psilocybin is medically safe, but you cannot be too sure about how it will work for you. Magic mushrooms open up the doors of your perception and take you into a different world beyond your senses. You may reach a higher state of self-consciousness or feel euphoric and emotional. However, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all definition of a shroom experience. You cannot expect the same outcomes as someone you know, and you may not know what will happen unless you actually embark on a journey and understand what is your true capacity.

Ottawa offers multiple options for enhancing the overall quality of your magic mushroom trip, whether you’re planning to attend a music festival or cultural events around the city, combining your magic mushroom experience with a simple walk within the city or around the nature of Ottawa can be rewarding and healing in numerous ways.

If you reached here having further questions about magic mushrooms, tap here to learn more about this fascinating topic.

Wishing you a memorable trip in Ottawa!

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