SHAFAA Products for Affiliates, SItters, Health Professionals

SHAFAA’s approach in offering psilocybin mushroom products is entirely focused on consumers’ mental healing and betterment. To promote and steward the thoughtful and responsible use of the psychedelics in the space, we work with health professionals and certified sitters who are offering magic mushrooms and psychedelics psychotherapy sessions and holding space for clients in safe settings.

Partner Psychedelics Psychotherapy

SHAFAA offers discounted and subcidized consumer packaged magic mushroom products to you based on your clients’ dosing need, consumption modality and product preference. Selling our products through professionals ensures the psychedelics harm reduction and incorporates the full integration and maximum benefit for the patients/consumers.

Also, we are constantly asked by our customers for referral to reputable, safe and thoughtful sitters and integration service providers.

If this offering resonates with you as a sitter, please fill out the following application form and our SHAFAA Harm Reduction Team will contact you in 48 hrs to setup a call or interview.

How it Works

STEP 1: Fill out the application form below.

STEP 2: Our team will review your application within 48 hours.

STEP 3: A Partners Account Manager reaches out to you with some questions and our product catalogue and partners prices, and answer your questions.

STEP 4: Place orders through your account manager

STEP 5: We will process the payment options and ship you our products.

Please Note: Accounts are not automatically approved. We will review your application details and ensure as prompt a response as possible. Please allow for at least 24 hours.