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Buy Delicious Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars Online in Canada

Chocolates are the classic option to consume your magic mushroom dose. Shafaa offers premium quality magic mushroom chocolate bars to make your dosing experience yummier.

Developed to avoid the powdery texture and taste of mushrooms while maximizing potency, our chocolates are tempered by Callebaut. These exceptional Mushroom Chocolates offer a powerful combination of potent psychedelic compounds without the negative side effects of traditional forms of magic mushrooms.

Our Finest quality hazelnut milk chocolate and vegan dark chocolate loaded with penis-envy Magic mushrooms are a fun, healthy, and delicious option in Canada.

Along with shroom chocolates, Shafaa is also the trusted brand for other products like capsule stacks, dried magic mushrooms, gummies, drinks, and mushroom tinctures.

These Chocolate Bars have improved memory, enhanced creativity, and even help people recover from depression. Each bar consists of breakable pieces making it easy for both Macrodosing and Microdosing regimens.


Does the magic mushroom chocolate work?

The magic mushroom chocolate has been around for quite some time now. It works as a great aphrodisiac and contains the active ingredient psilocybin, which can induce psychedelic effects.

Is Magic Mushrooms Chocolates Legal in Canada?

Magic mushroom chocolates are illegal in Canada. Although the Canadian government has not yet decided on their legality, they are currently banned. But don’t worry, as they are available through online retailers, and you can easily get them shipped anywhere in Canada.

What is the best chocolate that has magic mushrooms?

Penis Envy induced Hazelnut milk Chocolate Bar is the most delicious treat. It is made of a unique formula that allows the chocolate to retain the taste and aroma of mushrooms without compromising the taste and flavor. This chocolate is also known for its deep psychedelic effects.

What Magic Mushrooms are induced in your chocolates?

Shafaa’s chocolate bars are infused with penis-envy magic mushrooms. Known as the kings and queens of the mushroom world, these mushrooms give users an even stronger euphoric high.