Blue Meanies Mushrooms – 3.5 to 28 g


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“Blue Meanies” or blue meanies mushroom are originally from the Panaeolus Cyanescens gene and not a psilocybe cubensis . However, the Blue Meanies spores that is sold in North American market and in Canada, is a psilocybe cubensis strain. Blue meanie shroom is known to be a prolific fruiter, often growing many flushes and easily bruising (blueing) at the point of physical contact.

Expect above average intensity compared to other cubensis shrooms strains.

Everyone’s physiology and metabolism are different, and individual brain chemistry and body size play a significant role in how each individual might respond to psilocybin, as will your surroundings and emotional state, so if it is your first time or you are significantly upping your dosage, select a safe, comfortable, and if possible, familiar place, and consider asking a sober trip sitter to be your companion for the coming ride.


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