Psilocybe Aztecorum Mushrooms – 3.5 to 28 g


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Psilocybe Aztecorum Mushrooms are rare non-cubensis gene mushrooms in our stock, from the family of Hymenogastraceae known to come primarily from Central Mexico.

Named for its association with the Nahua people aka Aztecs, who considered these shrooms holy sacraments and consumed them during spiritual and divinatory rituals to induce hallucinatory visions.

Regarding the psilocybin content of this species, Paul Stamets, the known mycologist, rates P. Aztecorum as “moderately to highly active”.

2-4 grams will provide a strong experience. Regarding the psilocybe Aztecorum trip, customers report that these are very “visual” and come on smooth with pleasant “vibrancy”.

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