What our team cares the most about is our SHAFAA community and their experience. We strongly believe that our relationship and connection become perpetual when our visions align, and our products and services are what you love, trust and recommend to your friends and loved ones.

At SHAFAA, we have created a “Customer Success Team” that does its ultimate best to hold your love, satisfaction and trust. If you were not 100% happy with your order, please Contact Us and will make it right for you. With your authentic and generous reviews, keep us accountable and help us grow with you.

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1-5 of 189 reviews
  1. Delicious!

    Really good quality chocolate that is not too sweet, coupled with a good tea begins a really pleasant afternoon!

  2. Very good value. We recommend.

  3. First time mushroom experience right here, this strain was truly amazing. 5g dose. Was a full on DMT-land experience, spent most of the trip in a “mushroom kingdom – waiting room”, which looked almost identical to the art piece done by visionary artist Jonathan Solter, called “Bismuth Temple Ascension”, but without the pyramid structures. Was stunningly beautiful, with an unbelievable amount of intelligence. So colorful and so playful, interacting with literally everything in that space the entire time. Another ounce on order. 5 stars. Shafaa for the win.

  4. My first full dose was with 3.5 of Golden Teacher. Felt fantastic, nothing too intense or wild visually, but I had a great nature walk, shared some beautiful moments with my girlfriend and look forward to the next time. Felt open to the world and happy to experience it.
    Was more of a introspective experience with some nice light visuals. Everything outdoors appeared stunningly beautiful.

  5. Love this product. Effects are just sub-noticeable. My microdose days are always wonderful. I am fully tuned in to work, life, and just in a great mood all day. I am on my 2nd bottle and plan to continue to use Prime microdose for the foreseeable future.
    5 stars, 10/10, recommend to everyone.