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At SHAFAA, we have created a “Customer Success Team” that does its ultimate best to hold your love, satisfaction and trust. If you were not 100% happy with your order, please Contact Us and will make it right for you. With your authentic and generous reviews, keep us accountable and help us grow with you.

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  1. Price amazing can’t be beat in canada, delivery was faster then they said, quality can’t be beat, perfect for microdosing. Cheers…

  2. Great costumer service and quick responses to all questions I had! You can tell the company cares about their products and their costumers experiences. As for the mushrooms, they were great! Not that much of a visual trip at all, more so body and brain. But I also might not have taken enough to get to that extent. Overall great!

  3. Enjoying the experience so far, dose days seem to be very alert, aware and upbeat. Able to make critical decisions quicker and better quality conversations. Outbursts are much lower and overall feeling of peace.

  4. The visuals are, indeed, intense. Dose low if it’s your first go (start with 1 g and take it from there). Great for dancing and general party atmospheres. Not particularly introspective, but they do offer a nice sense of euphoria and a healthy supply of giggles. I’ve been really happy with SHAFAA so far. Quick shipping and quality products.

  5. Always awesome