SHAFAA’s New Innovation: Magic Mushroom Vegan Fruit Strips!

Magic Mushroom Vegan Fruit Strips are your next product if you have landed on this article!

Alternative to the conventional marijuana brownies, the cannabis extract edible producers found sweet and sugary snacks to cover the marijuana bitter-taste concentrates and therefore, offered more diverse and colorful products to the market. Gummies and chocolates create a substantial portion of these edibles which are not formulated to be healthy, organic, or vegan and do not serve our body as a nutritious food.

Unlike marijuana that cannot be ingested directly, magic mushrooms are natural earthy-quality edibles. The fresh psilocybin mushrooms have a chewy texture like squid. Nevertheless, they mostly get dried immediately after harvesting to keep their potency high, and their nutty taste and jerky texture is not only generally perceived as not bad, but some consumers actually like it. Still, magic mushroom growers and newly born processors are walking down the path of the marijuana industry, by offering gummies and chocolates as the edibles that hide the unpleasant taste of dried magic mushrooms. Indeed this makes sense as these are the products that consumers are familiar with and can be dosed properly easily.

While the magic mushroom active components are absorbed better and faster through buccal mucosa (mouth skin) than digestion through the stomach and intestine (GI track).

Here at SHAFAA Magic Mushrooms, we followed the same trend and built our first edible products to be Macrodose Magic Mushrooms Chocolates and Macrodose Magic Mushroom Gummies, that were welcomed and warmly received by our loyal consumers. Our macrodose chocolates and gummies came to Canadian magic mushroom online dispensaries, each in two different flavors. SHAFAA also extended its gummies production to microdosing, by offering Evolve Magic Mushroom Microdosing Gummies. Each little gummy contains 100 mg of psilocybin mushrooms, counted as the right sub-perceptual regimen.

While these two edible SHAFAA products are out and selling, SHAFAA’s savvy product development team has been tirelessly working on more innovative magic mushroom edible derivatives. Of course, it is always the user experience that defines the fortune for a product to stay or grow in the market but whether that product is the best and most serving product, specially in a new industry like psilocybin mushrooms, stays a valid question. So, to develop our next magic mushroom product, the following questions were ahead of our development team to tackle:

1) What is the persona of a consumer who buys magic mushrooms online? What is specific and particular about them? How much of an overlap there is between the consumers of marijuana and magic mushrooms at this stage of the psychedelic market?

2) How familiar are the users with psilocybin mushrooms per se? What is the difference for them between ingesting dried mushrooms versus a mushroom infused edible?

3) How much of the therapeutic effects of psilocybin mushrooms are unraveled to mainstream public and specially the consumers and what percentage of them buy magic mushrooms online for deep healing work, rather than for its recreational psychedelic experience?

4) What is the most effective way of ingesting psilocybin mushrooms? To be more specific, we looked for the most optimum psilocybin delivery procedure in human body and the right dosing for different applications.

Answers to these questions needed a lot of efforts especially due to the super early stage of the market and also, created our next SHAFAA edible product, that we are sharing it with you in this article!

We found out that magic mushroom consumers are more educated and conscious people who genuinely care about their physical and mental performance improvements.

Our research disclosed that there is a minimum overlap between the users of marijuana and magic mushrooms and therefore, prescribing and producing same products that received traction in the cannabis space, to the psychedelic magic mushroom industry, could be a mistake. We found out that magic mushroom consumers are more educated and conscious people who genuinely care about their physical and mental performance improvements. People who do macrodosing magic mushrooms, usually are after eliminating a psychological trauma or looking after experiencing a deeper and mystical feeling of love and unity. Microdosing consumers are optimizing for their cognitive power and memory boost to work and live better. While in marijuana space, people mostly intend to get high and have a good time. Of course, there are many who come to cannabis to mitigate their stress level and indeed for its anti-inflammatory benefits.

The portion of the sales of dried magic mushrooms versus other packaged derivatives (capsules, tinctures and edibles) show that the public is still fascinated with taking a mushroom per se, that makes the magic! There are many asking if magic mushroom is really a mushroom and want to see how it looks like and if they can ingest them as raw. Many are curious to read and learn more about mushrooms, by looking into the documents from 60s and 70s, through the legacy work of authors like Paul Stamets or Michael Pollan (author of How to Change your Mind book), or educational videos on YouTube. Starting in 2020 and with the boom of the legal psychedelic industry, there are much more articles, movies, podcasts etc. coming out everyday that studies and reflects on the effects of entheogenic drugs and the power of psychedelic natural species everywhere. Therefore, we can conclude that it may be a bit early for products like edibles vs. dried mushrooms, unless they really add to what psilocybin mushrooms will offer!

Magic mushrooms are conventionally either directly chewed and swallowed, or mixed with honey to cover its earthy taste, or been blended to become a smoothy. These are the recommendations one may find by doing a quick search online. When ingested, magic mushrooms must go all the way through the gastrointestinal (GI) track to be digested properly and for the psilocybin, as a prodrug molecule to be metabolized and absorbed to body’s 5-HT2A receptors. While the magic mushroom active components are absorbed better and faster through buccal mucosa (mouth skin) than digestion through the stomach and intestine (GI track). That is why some of the psychedelic startup companies, like Cybin, are so focused on making psychedelic sublingual dissolvable strips, like the way LSD is ingested. We learned that if we chew up shrooms or put powder in the mouth, and hold it for at least 15 minutes, we will start to feel it within that time.

We blended all these results and formulated a new product called: “Magic Mushroom Vegan Fruit Strips”!

So, we blended all these results and formulated a new product called: “Magic Mushroom Vegan Fruit Strips”! We realized that people who are taking magic mushrooms are more into caring about the quality of their food and wellness. They like organic natural and vegan products that boost their body’s immune system and mind’s and memory’s performance. They avoid taking too much sugar, count calories, concerned about taking non-GMO and preservative-free products. So, SHAFAA’s macrodose Magic Mushroom Vegan Fruit Strips are made of 100% organic fruits. They are designed to be thin slices and dissolvable strips, each contain 0.5 g of active psilocybin mushrooms, to be able to be kept in our mouth to be fully dissolved. This full fruit product is designed and formulated to have a blend of the taste you would love, while hiding the nutty and dry taste of magic mushrooms. These psilocybin fruit strips are formulated to have two dominant flavors of sweet and sour and will be released as “Sweet Apple & Berries” and “Sour Plum & Barberry”! We know that magic mushrooms are believed to contribute to our epigenetic neurogenesis. One other families of fruits that do so are berries, and specially blueberry. That is why we have included berries in the design of both of our products.

Magic Mushroom Vegan Fruit Strips

This 100% natural vegan product is what our whole team is proud of and will be officially launched on SHAFAA website, as well as our other dispensary partners websites on the second week of November 2020! We would love you to order it on SHAFAA Magic Mushroom Dispensary website, test it and share your feedback and experience with us!

Peace and Love from SHAFAA team!

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