The Complete Guide to Buying Magic Mushrooms Online in 2023

While marijuana has been legalized in the better part of the Western world, most folks are still walking up to the many benefits offered by magic mushrooms, or “Shrooms” as they are called. However, it is important to emphasize that the mere act of even attempting to buy shrooms is a criminal act in most parts of the world.

Fortunately, modern medicine and research into the beneficial effects of magic mushrooms are changing hearts and minds. If anything, it is making it easier to buy shrooms online.

buying magic mushrooms
SHAFAA, A Canadian Premium Brand Magic Mushroom Products

Interestingly, buying online in Canada is the easiest way to get your hands-on magic mushrooms. Many websites, aka magic mushroom dispensaries, have become the go-to place for Canadians looking to buy magic mushrooms online. It is also the safest way to get them delivered to your home, even if you live in a place where buying them isn’t exactly legal or undefined at best.

Why Would You Experiment Buying Magic Mushrooms?

Many people reading this guide may already be familiar with the benefits associated with the use of magic mushrooms, especially for personal development. The most commonly available mushrooms online are called psilocybin mushrooms. However, they are over 180 species of magic mushrooms (we’ll go into more detail about the various types available later).

The human development benefits associated with the use of psilocybin mushrooms include but aren’t limited to the following:

• Experiencing spiritual elevation

• A boost in emotional responsiveness

• Brain neurogenesis and interconnectivity

• Feeling of oneness

Early mainstream research also suggests that there are medical benefits associated with the use of magic mushrooms. The benefits range from its ability to treat psychiatric conditions to numerous behavioral issues.

Researchers believe that it has the potential to treat depression, help people quit smoking, treat obsessive-compulsive disorder, cocaine addiction, alcoholism, cancer and cluster headaches etc.

Why Buy Shrooms Online?

Well, there are a number of reasons why Canadians will want to buy shrooms online. The prime reason must be the fact that you can’t just walk into your local Walmart. In fact, it isn’t hard to buy them anywhere other than perhaps at your friendly backyard dealer or a local grower.

The disadvantage of buying from a local grower or a dealer is that you have no idea what you’re getting. You can just as easily end up with a bang of magic mushrooms that either don’t have any magic in them or are more magical than you expected.

Plus, if they are illegally selling in your neighborhood, there is always the chance that you’ll be arrested or at least questioned by the police.

Buying shrooms online is relatively safe. You don’t have to interact with anyone, just place your order and wait for it to arrive at your doorstep. In most cases, it takes just a few days to arrive if you purchase from leading online magic mushroom sellers in Canada like Shafaa.

Here are a few more reasons why you will need magic mushrooms:

  • Lower Prices: Online stores, even the most reputed ones, are much cheaper as compared to buying it from a backyard seller.
  • Reputed Online Sellers: Reputed online sellers like SHAFAA in Canada will have loads of positive reviews and sell variously related, branded products you can trust. So, there is no chance of ending up with mushrooms that don’t have the magic you want.
  • Independently, Lab Tested: You shouldn’t buy magic mushrooms that aren’t lab tested. While many online sellers may claim that their products are lab tested, there is often no proof to back their claims. At SHAFAA, every extract, pack of gummies, tinctures, and edibles is made using psilocybin extract that’s been tested and verified independently for safety and dosage levels.
  • Your Products Will Arrive Safely: Canada’s Post Office Corporation Act ensures that the authorities cannot get a warrant to seize mail, so you can be assured that all products you buy will arrive safely.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Customer service is generally over the phone or via email. However, top brands like Canada-based SHAFAA guarantees buyers excellent customer support by addressing all concerns in a timely manner.

Where to Buy Magic Mushrooms Online in Canada?

Unfortunately, there aren’t many online magic mushroom dispensaries for which we can vouch for except for ourselves. One of the problems you’ll always run into when buying online is that unless the dispensary comes highly recommended by someone who has already purchased magic mushrooms from them, you have no idea what to expect.

Many people have ended up with magic mushrooms that were not as advertised, which is why you should always do your research and choose a reputed online store like SHAFAA.

At SHAFAA®, we have a line of fully natural products like dried magic mushrooms for sale online in Canada. Our emphasis is on educating buyers versus outright selling to them. Our approach ensures buyers know what to expect and how to use these psychedelic mushrooms. Plus, we ensure quantification of every serving of the product that’s sorted into small safe doses reducing if not eliminating the risk associated with overdosing.

Types of Magic Mushroom Products You Can Buy Online

As mentioned earlier, psilocybin mushrooms are the most commonly available. However, these aren’t the only ones. Golden Teacher mushrooms are a strain of psilocybin mushrooms and a best seller owing to its many medical and psychological benefits.

Furthermore, online stores like ours also sell magic mushrooms in various edible forms. You can buy shroom gummies and chocolates, each of which has slightly different macro and microdosing regimens.

· Golden Teacher Dried Magic Mushrooms: It is a favorite amongst psychonauts and cultivators alike. Cultivators love it because they grow well in flushes. Psychonauts enjoy them because the psychedelic journey is profound, to say the least. Golden Teacher magic mushrooms contain psilocin and psilocybin as its active elements, which gives users that profound psychedelic experience.

· Penis Envy Dried Magic Mushrooms: Penis envy is a strain of psilocybin cubensis that’s notorious for being the most psychotropic of all magic mushrooms available. The strange name is rooted in its distinct phallic shape. However, in addition to its appearance and nomenclature, it is one of the most sought-after by people who have experienced its effects.

· Magic Mushroom Gummies: Most people who are new to using magic mushrooms or want an easy delivery mechanism often buy shroom gummies. The gummies are edibles with similar psychedelic effects except for two main advantages. The first is that the dose across each of the gummies is consistent and known, so there is no fear of overdosing. The second advantage is that they do not taste like mushrooms, which could be unfavorable for many.

· Magic Mushroom Chocolates: Many people will buy magic mushroom chocolates because they taste great and yield all the benefits associated with magic mushrooms. The chocolates contain a controlled and consistent amount of psilocybin cubensis to ensure that, similar to the gummies, the chances of overdosing on these are non-existent, so as long as directions on the packaging are followed.

· Magic Mushroom Tinctures: SHAFAA is one of the single companies that produce magic mushroom tinctures. This product is quite unstable, and that’s why many of the other competitors have not produced it.

Microdosing and Related Products

Microdosing has, over the years, gained increasing traction among brain hackers. People who want to improve their mental wellness and transform their mood often turn to microdosing as a way to experience its mental benefits minus the psychoactive effects.

Generally, the microdosing amount for each person will vary. The amount you take is often a sub-perceptual level, which is proportional to each individual’s weight and height. However, the standard range is between 0.08 g to 0.125 g of dried fruits.

Experts like Dr. James Fardiman states in the book “Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide” that people should start with a low dose and then gradually increase it until they arrive at what works. That said, many users, in an effort to quickly find what works best for them, will opt for a higher dose and then lower it till they hit a sweet spot. A typical higher dose of the dried stem will range from 0.5g-1g. A normal trip dose is between 2 g-3 g of mushrooms.

However, weighing dried shrooms isn’t exactly what everyone is comfortable with, as the concentration of psilocybin component is different in the stems and caps. Plus, for first-time users who want to start microdosing, the hassle associated with using stems isn’t worth it. That’s why SHAFAA has four microdosing-oriented products, i.e. Evolve Microdosing Cognition CapsulesEvolve Microdosing Prime CapsulesEvolve Microdosing Gummies and Evolve Microdosing Tincture. The products make taking a microdose easier and faster. So, even if a user wants to start with a higher dose and work their way down, they can buy a product containing their desired level of concentration.

You should never consume more than 5 grams of dried mushrooms or its equivalent dose in any other derivative form, i.e. gummies, chocolate etc. The normal macro dose of magic mushrooms is anywhere from 2.5 grams to 3.5 grams. Attempting to take more than 5 grams pushes you over the safety zone.

How Much Should You Buy?

How much, i.e. the number of magic mushrooms or edibles you choose, will mainly depend on how it is used. However, generally speaking, you should buy at least a month’s supply. Since dried magic mushrooms, magic chocolates, and magic gummies can all last a very long time; you can save on shipping and handling from overseas by buying several months’ supply in advance.

SHAFAA® offer free shipping in Canada. However, the free shipping offer may not extend to most sellers in the UK, Australia, or any other country. SHAFAA® does not ship its products to customers outside of Canada. The company makes sure that the products are packed well in discreet, airtight packaging. Doing this ensures that the products arrive in one piece, and it lowers the chances of them being tampered with on the way.

How Much Do Magic Mushrooms Cost?

Generally, demand and supply dictate how much you pay for any product; the same applies to magic mushrooms.

Also, when you order magic mushrooms online, it is important to consider where you reside and the demand of that city or country. For instance, the demand for magic mushrooms in a city like Denver, Colorado, USA, is higher than in any other part of the country. Since the demand here outweighs supply, users can expect to pay around $200, with an eighth of an ounce costing around $30.

The other factor you need to consider is quality. Higher quality, lab-tested magic mushrooms will be more expensive as compared to ones that aren’t as good. That’s why buying a reputed brand of magic mushrooms will cost you more because there is added cost to ensuring that it is of the best quality. In fact, the lowest-priced deal may not be the best choice because they (the seller) may be compromising quality to remain within that price bracket. In other words, avoid buying cheap shrooms online.

It is always recommended to pay a little more for a top-quality product or one that comes highly recommended.


Google and you will find mushrooms online in Canada on dozens of websites; many of these are suspiciously cheap, with no user feedback. While we highly recommend that you buy magic mushrooms online, only do so from a reputed seller that stands by their products.

Companies like ours, i.e. SHAFAA, have shipped hundreds of orders to date within Canada with no complaints. We assure you of top-quality products at highly competitive prices. Plus, with free shipping for orders above $99, buyers can save money on their purchase of the best shrooms.

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