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SHAFAA Referral Program with $25 Reward Coupon

We count on our loyal and returning customers and our commitment to the excellence of our products and services to expand our customers network. If you believe in our intention and mission, please introduce us to your closed circle, friends and whoever you see fit and safe to enroll to the therapeutic properties of this magic. SHAFAA Referral Program allows our existing valued customers to win $25 coupons every time they refer a new friend who makes a first purchase.  

This program is for our current customers who have a SHAFAA profile. New customers should either receive an invite from our customers or refer others paying customers to win the coupon. The following short animation walk you quickly through  the whole process. The detailed steps are presented in the following to guide you step-by-step.


STEP 1: Click on your SHAFAA account Dashboard and LOG IN with your Username/email address and password if you are signed up before. (If you are not registered in SHAFAA, please Register via this link (Sign up Link))

STEP 2: In the Dashboard menu, click on Refer a Friend button.

STEP 3: Under the Refer a Friend menu, you will see both a Referral Code and a Referral URL link. To refer a friend, you should share any of them with new friends to receive a $25 coupon for every paying new friend. There is no limitations on how many friends you could invite. The best approach is to copy and past the URL and send it through email. You can also use Whatapp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter to share the link.

When your friend clicks on the link, they are directed to Registration page (Step 1). They should then register as a new customer and sign up in SHAFAA’s newsletter (it happens through a check mark).

Furthermore, you could use the Refer A Friend Tab on each product. The link they receive would be a link to that product. They should use that link to Register as a new customer.

STEP 4: When a new friend registers, and makes the first purchase, and complete the payment, you will be rewarded a $25 credit coupon for every new customer! Is it marvelous?! To check the status of your referrals and awarded coupons, check out your Dashboard > REFER A FRIEND > Unused Refer a Friend Coupons

Reminder: Remember to use your $25 credit within 30 days, otherwise it will be burned automatically!


First off, Yay!! You are invited to SHAFAA happy customers community! We welcome you wholeheartedly to this journey and are here to support your mind transformation by all means.

STEP 1: You are here because you probably have received a referral link to our products from your friends. This link may get you to one of our product pages or simply to our homepage. Regardless, this is the link that rewards you a $20 coupon IMMEDIATELY on your first purchase!

STEP 2: Clink on the link and use it to Sign Up/Register as a new customer. Don’t forget to check off the sign up to our Newsletter button! That’s required to get you the $20 credit.

STEP 3: Enjoy browsing in our Product page and add the products to your cart.

STEP 4: When you go to Check Out page, you’ll see that the $20 credit is already added to your cart on your very first order!

STEP 5: Enjoyed our welcoming credit?! Now you are our customer and you can invite as many paying friends as you want to earn $25 for each! Please follow the instruction for “Current Customers” and Refer us to your friends!