Magic Mushrooms
A Key to
Wisdom & Healing

SHAFAA means Healing

We want magic mushrooms, this naturally occurring psychoactive healing medicine and sacrament, to serve your mental wellness, expand your mind, and transform your experience of life.


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It is an undeniable fact that our mental health is the key to our freedom from traumatic and egotistic sufferings in the world. In the light of this awakening, Shafaa team and brand aims to play an active scientific and educational role, advocacy, and stewardship in the safe and therapeutic use of the naturally occurring psychoactive medicines for our collective mental wellness and therefore, transformation.

Why Magic MUshrooms?

Therapeutic Effects

Relieve Treatment-Resistant Depression
(With No Emotional Blunting)
Mood Swing Therapy
Addictive Disorder Treatment
(Smoking, Alcohol, Cocaine, Opioids)
Cluster Headache Treatment
End-of-Life Anxiety Relief
PTSD & OCD Treatment
ADHD Treatment

Transformational Benefits

Brain Regeneration
Universal Love

Personal Development

Brain Neurogenesis & Interconnectivity
(Volumetric Thinking)
Boosted Emotional Responsiveness
Openness & Desired Personality Shift
Altered Sense of Self
(Ego Dissolution)
Mystical Experiences & Elevation
Feeling of Unity & Oneness
Better Citizenship

Dried Organic

Fresh organic psilocybe-type magic mushrooms are grown indoor with the energy of love and abundance. Fully dried for longevity to preserve potency, offered in various genes and strains, including Psilocybe Cubensis, Psilocybe Mexicana, Psilocybe Azurescens and more. Buy Magic Mushrooms here!

Shafaa Infused-Eddible


Tasty, precisely dosed edibles include chocolates, gummies and other exciting edible products using ground magic mushrooms and lab-tested extracts with known active components for a measured and targeted psychoactive effect. Buy magic mushroom edibles here!


Precisely-dosed double-extracted tincture uses 200 grade pure ethanol. First goes to lab for analytical study of the active components and then comes to your homes with known potency, active components, and recommended regimens for maximum microdosing gains. Buy Magic Mushroom Tincture Here!

Shafaa capsule stacks

Capsule Stacks

Safe and easy quantified doses of magic mushrooms capsules, in a pure or blended format along with other therapeutic natural compounds; namely mushrooms, herbs and vitamins. Known active components per capsules with recommended regimens for micro and macro dosing. Buy Magic Mushroom Microdosing Capsules here!

Shafaa Qoute

Psychedelic Experience Requirements & Protocols

For a manageable, pleasant, memorable, and favorably impactful macro dose experience, aka Good Trip, make sure you are aware of the requirements:

1- Set (Mindset & Intention)
2- Setting (Your Surrounding)
3- Dose
4- Sitter (For First Timers)
5- Post-Medicine Reflections and Integration