What are Golden Teacher Mushrooms?

What is golden teacher mushroom?

Almost everyone’s psychedelic mushroom of choice for the very first experience of a psychedelic journey is the truly distinct strain of Golden Teachers.

Psilocybin or magic mushrooms are some of the most popular naturally occurring psychedelics that have served mankind for centuries. Psilocybin and psilocin are the naturally occurring psychoactive compounds found in at least 15 species of magic mushrooms – belonging to three main genera – Psilocybe, Conocybe, and Penaeolus. Out of these three, the most favored by growers is Psilocybe, which has different varieties, such as Psilocybe Cubensis, Psilocybe Semilanceata, and Psilocybe Baeocystis, some others. From Psilocybe Cubensis comes the Golden Teacher strain, which has become a favorite among psychonauts for its many health benefits, shamanistic properties and spiritual effects.

Psilocybe Cubensis is well known because it is widely distributed in multiple continents. It grows naturally through Southeast Asia, Central and North America, and Australia. Golden Teachers are very adaptive and growing golden teachers can be easily conducted by an amateur grower in a home setting. So the next time you see magic mushroom online or in a physical shop for sale, there is a high chance they are advertising a psilocybe cubensis strain.

The psilocybin content ranged in Golden teacher mushrooms is between 0.5% to less than 1% of their dry weights. Golden teachers are not counted of the most potent strains.

What Are Golden Teacher Mushrooms?

Golden Teacher is a magic mushroom strain cultivated from Psilocybe Cubensis gene. Also known as GT shrooms or Golden Teachers, this magic myco was discovered in the 1980s and has since remained a top choice for many.

Golden teacher mushrooms are the most popular strain of psilocybin mushrooms and are recognized as a benchmark psychoactive mushroom strain in the psychedelic mushrooms market. These psilocybin mushrooms get their name from their golden caps with yellow speckles. Golden teachers are known for their wisdom teachings and their shining yellow-gold caps. Golden teachers first appeared in the wild in Florida during the mid-1980s. Since then, these mushrooms have become a favorite among consumers who take psilocybin mushrooms in recreational, ceremonial, or therapeutic settings.

Golden teachers belong to psilocybe cubensis genus. Psilocybe cubensis is the most commonly cultivated species of magic mushroom. Psilocybe cubensis belongs to the family Hymenogastraceae. A mushroom family sits on top of a gene, and a gene will be interbred to have different so-called strains. Therefore, when you refer to these mushrooms as Golden Teachers, they are a strain of psilocybe cubensis. Psilocybe cubensis are other species than Psilocybe Mexicana, which was supposedly given by the lady shaman Maria Sabina to the Western investment banker and entheogenic enthusiast Gordon Wasson in the town of Huautla de Jimenez.

Golden Teacher Appearance

Golden teacher mushrooms come with a golden cap as large as 5 cm in diameter and as small as 1 cm. Their stems are usually thinner in proportion to the width of the cap and could be 1/10th of the size. Another sign to identify GT mushrooms is that their caps could be variable in size and inconsistent in each flush. Golden teachers magic mushrooms’ cap size can range from 20-80mm in diameter. These psilocybe cubensis mushrooms have fruiting bodies with unique, slightly curved golden caps adorned with a yellow center. Underneath the golden caps are closely spaced gills with gray color, which darken with age. At maturity, the gills may become almost black.

All the mushrooms, including Golden Teacher, that you find for sale in the online market, are dehydrated and not wild (fresh). The weight of fresh mushrooms is generally ten times higher than the dry ones. There are two methods of dehydration in the market, oven drying and freeze-drying. If they are dried in a twisted format, they are oven dried! If the Golden Teacher mushrooms look exactly like their fresh shapes, they are definitely freeze-dried. Another sign to figure out how they are dried is the appearance of blue or white stains on the mushrooms. These stains are light signs of surface oxidation. In freeze drying, the whole water evaporates, and we do not see any blue colors on the mushroom caps or stems.

Psychedelic Effects of Golden Teachers

Golden Teacher magic mushrooms have a mild potency level, which is one of the reasons for their growing popularity across work. This makes it ideal for almost all mushroom lovers, including beginners. It is one of the best gateways for magic mushroom newbies to explore a psychedelic journey as its mild nature reduces the risk of a bad trip. Experienced psychonauts can also leverage its numerous unique effects for a memorable psychedelic experience.

Some Golden Teacher shrooms’ commonly known effects are enhanced colors, strong emotions, visual distortion, and lightness or giddiness. The name Golden Teacher comes from the fact that the Golden Teacher magic mushroom offer users an insightful and revelatory experience that lasts for hours after use. Gold cap effects are beyond casual or mere feelings; they are also very popular for the spiritual or shamanic experience and emotional breakthroughs. It takes users through a learning journey that unravels the mysteries of the universe. Mushrooms usually have between none to mild visuals. Instead of visuals, deep and multidimensional perceptions occupy the mind of the consumer for several hours and that’s truly where the magic of the Golden Teachers manifests itself in the format of epiphanies and breakthroughs.

While the effects persist, you get to learn some important “life lessons,” just like learning from a teacher. The beauty of this sought-after entheogen is that you can tailor the dosage for your specific needs and preference. If you want a moderate or heroic psychedelic experience, you can achieve it all with GT shrooms. If all you need is just the health benefits with zero hallucinogenic effects, you can get that from microdosing this psilocybin containing mushrooms.

Golden Teachers, like any other psilocybin mushrooms curate a psychedelic effect based on these factors:

  • Physiology of your body (what you ate before, how your stomach enzymes break psilocybin)

  • The potency of the mushrooms

  • Dose you take

  • The mindset you have when you are taking these mushrooms

  • Setting in which you take them (in a ceremony, a therapeutic space, a party/festival)

Golden Teacher magic lies in their mild potency. They also are usually easy on stomach when getting metabolized. The effect comes in multiple phases. However, the general theme behind the whole experience is introspection, sensory stimulation, and arousal, a high entropic flush of thoughts and brain interconnection. Golden teachers make you calm by allowing you to zone out into a state of mind where you witness your thoughts flowing smoothly. This is the mental state in which you are a calm spectator, and the teacher is showing you the way in the format of a magic mushroom. The flush of thoughts is out of your control and not in the format of active thinking. They flow from different parts of your brain cortex and that is how light is shed on our blind spots and the breakthroughs and epiphanies reveal and come through.

Golden teachers bring this experience to us gently, which is their magic. Their mild potency provides a smooth journey of mind and unifies us with ourselves and the universe. The sensory stimulation of Golden Teachers is gentle, proper and concurrent with the experience and is not too much. This whole experience is quite uplifting, spiritual and unique.

How Golden Teacher Mushroom Work?

The psychoactive compounds of magic mushrooms, including Golden Teachers are psilocybin and psilocin. There is little trace of other compounds in these psychedelic mushrooms; the most known ones are baeocystin, Aeruginascin, norbaeocystin, and some beta-carbolines. Among these, psilocin molecule is very similar to serotonin, aka happiness molecule, which effects our mood, cognition, reward system, memory, sleep, and numerous physiological processes such as vomiting. Our body only absorbs psilocin, which means that psilocybin has to break and gets dephosphorylated to turn to psilocin. Then psilocin will bind to our 5-HT receptor sites, due to their similarity to serotonin. The hallucinogenic effect of magic mushrooms are due to the affinity of psilocin to our 5-HT2A receptors. This agonism at the 5-HT2A sites modulate the serotonergic system and downstream changes in some gene expression. Psilocin also has low affinity to some dopaminergic (reward system) and glutamatergic (memory and learning) receptor sites.

Golden teacher mushrooms contain an initial content of ~0.5 to 0.6 wt. % of each of psilocybin and psilocin molecules. What is metabolized in our system is the release of some direct psilocin molecules from dry mushrooms and also the breakdown of some psilocybin to psilocin. This equal ratio of the two compounds in Golden Teachers has made them a magic mushroom that creates pleasant trips in most cases.

Health Benefits of Golden Teachers: What Research Says?

Golden Teacher mushrooms strain derived its name from the feeling of ego dissolution and gentle enlightenment it offers the consumer. These characteristics are instrumental in connecting the true spirit with nature and creating harmony with the universe. This feeling of ego death is common in most psychedelic magic mushroom strains. Though it is usually short-lived but may contribute to the long-lasting benefits commonly reported by psilocybin mushrooms users.

In a 2017 study, published in the journal Neuroscience of Consciousness, researchers attested to its ego-dissolving effects in connecting people to the universe. They found a correlation between the popular “cosmic consciousness” experience and ego-dissolving effects in psilocybin. There is evidence that such mystical states of mind are important for the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics. This explains why people express improved general wellbeing after participating in psilocybin-assisted therapy or shamanic ceremony.

“Through this ‘ego-death’ experience, it may be possible to re-engineer the mechanisms of self, which in turn could change people’s outlook or world view,” says Professor Philip Gerrans, a member of the research team.

Apart from ego-dissolution, magic mushrooms also produce several other benefits, especially for mental wellbeing. This is due to their ability to bind to the brain and activate the serotonin receptors. Also known as the happy hormone, serotonin helps stabilizes our feelings of wellbeing, mood, and happiness. Scientific evidence shows that the impact of psilocybin on the serotonin receptor could result in cognitive flexibility. This could lead to better brain functions.

A 2017 report by Johns Hopkins says psilocybin could help reduce the risk of neurodegenerative disorders, such as dementia, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. It could also help overcome tobacco addiction. Some studies also report that it helps with mood and anxiety disorders, such as depression, PTSD, and OCD. All these put together make Golden Teachers a worthy option for improving mental wellness.

Mechanism of Action of Golden Teacher Mushrooms

There are three main neurological mechanisms involved in how psilocybin mushrooms, including Golden Teachers.

  1. Brain interconnections and flush of thoughts

  2. Instant electrophysiological change in brain plasticity

  3. Sensory stimulation and its impact on episodic memory formation

When you take magic mushrooms, your brain starts to experience a high entropic thoughts processing. This mechanism allows your brain to demonstrate different ways you could think, when multiple part of our brain cortex are interconnected. While our brain is occupied with this volumetric thought flow, psilocybin, which has converted to psilocin in our body, allows part of our thought to be de-associated from our past thoughts and memories and instead, instantly, new memories are recorded in an episodic form. Our heightened senses under mushrooms contribute to the formation of new memory episodes. Through these three mechanisms, we will experience emotional breakthroughs and learning epiphanies.

Golden Teachers Dosing Unit

Before any dose recommendations, it is imperative to give you a heads-up about the measurement unit of the dose. Almost all the referrals in online mushroom dispensary world to dose is based on dry mushrooms. Fresh mushrooms weight about ten times higher than the dried mushrooms. When they get dehydrated, the major weight loss is the matrix of the mushrooms losing water. So, bear in mind that the unit for species psilocybe cubensis strain and their psychedelic effects is weight of dry mushrooms. Another parameter about dried mushrooms unit to pay attention to is the format of drying. Freeze drying which has been recently practiced by multiple magic mushrooms growers remove more water from conventional dehydration and as a result, the same weight of dry mushrooms could be more potent.

Golden Teachers Dose Recommendation

The appropriate Golden Teacher mushroom dosage varies from one user to another. You have to consider your level of experience, and your physiology namely body weight, heart rate, etc before taking these Golden Teachers magic mushrooms. Another important factor is each person’s desired result, which could be moderate, intense, or light. It is possible to calculate the dose using the general psilocybin dose recommendation.

Generally, for beginners, a microdose to mild dose should be ideal. This ranges from 0.25 grams to 2 grams of dried magic mushrooms. Anything above 2 grams to 5 grams may produce a euphoric to a heroic, intense psychedelic experience.

Depending on your experience and body composition, such high doses could launch you into a full hallucinogenic, mystical experience. You may be lost in the air and have a synesthesia experience – seeing sounds and tasting colors.

It’s worth noting that the above dosages are random recommendations and may not work for everyone. Therefore, it is best to try the minimum possible dose, especially if this is your first time doing golden teacher mushrooms. This will ultimately keep you on the safe side. Our dosage recommendation guideline at SHAFAA is to start with 0.5 gram dry golden teacher mushroom. Half a gram of this distinct strain puts you at the transition between a subperceptual level (microdosing) and a real psychoactive feeling. When you physiologically and psychologically regulated your body on this Golden Teachers minimum dose, then for the next time, youu can safely double or triple it.

Start with Golden Teachers

Why is Golden Teacher Mushrooms so popular? Golden Teachers give you an experience that is calm and relaxing with mild visuals at best. This makes it a perfect choice for those who want to try magic mushrooms for the first time, as they will not be overwhelmed by the whole experience. Of course, this statement depends entirely on honoring the psychedelic experience protocols too (set, setting and dose). Our thesis in SHAFAA is that “dose” plays the most crucial role and if taken correctly, you always will have, at minimum, a fruitful experience.

Golden Teacher magic mushrooms can be your benchmark for perceiving and digesting a psychedelic experience. But, there is another reason for this piece of advice! Golden Teachers’ availability in every magic mushroom dispensary shop. Consistency is a verified methodology to gauge your psychedelic experience and Golden Teacher magic mushroom is the best strain to develop that for yourself. To create this understanding, dosing right and gradually is the key.

Different Use Cases of Taking Golden Teacher Mushrooms

Golden Teacher mushrooms are taken for multiple reasons. Indeed, the current psychedelic renaissance has been formed around the therapeutic benefits of psychedelic mushrooms to help mental wellness disorders. However, these mushrooms, including Golden Teachers, have been consumed for decades for multiple reasons that are listed here:

Golden Teachers for Mental Wellness

This new wave of psychedelics decriminalization and clinical studies are based on the promising results from clinical trial studies. On the ClinicalTrial.gov website, over 110 double-blinded placebo-controlled studies are listed from different universities, medical institutions and companies that study the use of psilocybin for various mental disorders, including major depressive disorder, PTSD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Migraine, cluster headache and many more. While most of these studies use synthetic psilocybin, some companies have the GMP extracts of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms used for clinical trials. In Oregon, where psilocybe mushrooms are legalized, the only gene of mushrooms that can be used starting in 2023 is psilocybe cubensis and, in particular, Golden Teachers!

Many patients with treatment-resistance depressive disorders or milder depressions look at psilocybin mushrooms as their potential remedy. Microdosing mushrooms have shown that patients took off from SSRIs gradually while taking psilocybin microdosing, and their depression has significantly decreased. With all the promising news, most of the studies so far are experimental and anecdotal. Given the massive population with mental health problems, this is expected to be a vast market and potential remedy for those who are suffering from mental wellness disorders. It is noteworthy that magic mushrooms’ therapeutic aspect comes along in a therapeutic setting and with a psychotherapist.

Golden Teachers for Recreational Use

Many take mushrooms just for recreational aspects. For example, a microdose of Golden Teachers before a public gathering could add to the emotional openness of people who get anxious in public. There are many who microdose to optimize their mood or cognitive performance. Artists, musicians and creators take magic mushrooms for further creativity and openness. Quantified citizens take microdosing capsules to enhance their cognitive ability, memory, and focus. Some people take larger doses in party settings or in nature! In general, we believe that magic mushroom is not the most suitable psychedelics for a party setting! When on shrooms, one wants to journey within mostly and if you get something done actively, only the extra sensory stimulation is what you may experience. That’s why people may get giggly on 0.5 or 1 gram of mushroom in a gathering. Larger doses of psilocybe cubensis is not recommended in social groups. It may become very annoying and aggressive and we do not recommend it.

Some people take mushrooms in nature to feel the oneness with the rest of creation. If you do that, we recommend you to go slowly! 1 or 2 grams would be sufficient for such settings. The best environment for taking mushrooms in nature is where you are close to a safe indoor place (like a cabin). This allows you to come indoors if you feel overwhelmed. Mushrooms make you feel cold and also want to pee frequently. Therefore, spending time in your setting is critical to get the most out of your psychedelic journey.

Golden Teachers for Spiritual Use

This the most relevant use of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. Golden Teachers are the shrooms that come to you as a spiritual teacher and show you how you are part of an interconnected grand design. The feeling of oneness and unity that one experiences under the effect of mushrooms are mind-boggling and, as Paul Stamets says, make us better citizens. Spiritual wellness is one aspect of our holistic wellness and mind-altering psychedelics. Magic mushrooms and Golden Teachers allow us to step over our ego to see what else is waiting for us. Magic mushrooms, including Golden Teachers in 5 grams, dissolve our ego and detach our sense of being from our identity. This is where, if we can digest the experience, we can integrate it into our lives and realize that there is a lot that we don’t know. If you are taking mushrooms, mostly a macrodose, to explore yourself spiritually, we recommend you have a well-seasoned and educated guide. Don’t sit with newbie so-called Western shamans, who offer you magic mushrooms for spiritual exploration.

Golden Teachers vs. Other Mushrooms

As mentioned above, Golden Teachers are considered the benchmark strain of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. However, many other strains of psilocybe cubensis are different from GTs. Furthermore, there is also another genus of mushrooms that are not cubensis. The following graph, which is borrowed from Double-Blind, shows an analytical distribution of the amount of psilocybin and psilocin in different strains of magic mushrooms. Based on this, we have compared Golden Teachers with other strains of magic mushrooms.


Golden Teacher Mushrooms

Golden Teachers vs. Penis Envy

The ratio of psilocybin to psilocin content in Golden Teachers is ~ 0.6/0.6 wt. %. Comparing this with Penis Envy mushrooms, they have around 1% wt. % of psilocybin, their psilocin content is still way more than Golden Teachers. Therefore, Penis Envy mushrooms are more potent than GTs.

Golden Teachers vs. Amazonians

Golden Teachers and Amazonian mushrooms are usually perceived to be very similar in their effects. However, as you see, Amazonians’ psilocybin to psilocin content is higher than Golden Teachers and lower than Penis Envy’s.

Golden Teacher vs. Blue Meanies

Blue Meanie mushrooms are not listed in this graph. However, their effects are much like the Treasure Coast mushroom strain and similar to Mazapatec mushrooms.

Golden Teachers vs. Tidalwave

Golden Teachers have almost half the potency of Tidalwave mushrooms! Tidalwave is a combination gene of multiple strains of mushrooms, and that’s how its strength has skyrocketed. However, it would help if you were careful that one gram of Tidalwave could be even more potent than 2 grams of Golden Teachers as it has other entourage compounds.

Should I Buy or Grow My Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms?

The right answer for this will depend on who is asking. Growing Golden Teacher mushrooms would be the best for some users, considering its easy cultivation method and adaptive nature in virtually any environment. This is why it is common to see Golden Teacher spores advertised by many vendors of magic mushrooms. However, in Canada it is much easier to order your Golden Teacher and other psilocybin mushrooms online, which is safe, easy and discreet. Growing mushrooms with genetic characteristics of Golden teacher mushrooms is very straightforward for first time growers.

Initial challenges in the selection of spores for growing are understanding the distinction between species strains and cultures, and how they are different in nature. Many vendors and less skilled people use these terms interchangeably with others such as varieties or isolated. But all of these terms do have their own definition in fact. Those are easily understood by species. Species are distinct DNA lineages typically not possible – interbreeding – although there can be a few exceptions to interbreeding rules giving us some hybrid species like liggers and tiger mules, horse and donkeys.

Are Golden Teacher Mushrooms Legal in Canada?

The legality issue also comes with its own murky area. In some jurisdictions buying psilocybin spores is legal but allowing it to germinate is a crime. This is because spores do not contain the active compound, psilocybin. There are also places where possession of spores is illegal, while there are places where possession of psilocybin mushrooms for personal use is either decriminalized or legalized. The important thing is to know what the law says in your area and get your golden teachers (whether spores or strain) from a trusted source.

Having said that, the prohibition of magic mushrooms has not been enforced tightly by authorities and has not been a priority for cops. In Vancouver, there are more than 5 store fronts that sell magic mushroom products and they have been safely operating. Online dispensaries though, are a better source of supply as they mail the mushroom products to customers location and have been around for a little longer than any of the store fronts. More stores are popping up in other cities in Canada and veterans anticipate this to be a very similar trend as cannabis legalization.

SHAFAA Golden Teacher Mushroom

SHAFAA Golden Teacher Mushrooms

Golden Teachers are our best selling dry products and the benchmark primary mushrooms used in most of our edible mushroom products. The psilocybe cubensis strain used in our mushroom chocolate bars, mushroom gummies, psilocybin tincture, and microdosing products is Golden Teacher Mushroom. 

You can place a safe and discreet mailorder to receive premium grown Golden Teacher mushrooms at your door Here!

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